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Rev. Medgar L. Reid Tapped by N.Y. Investment Banking Firm

The following article was written by Ursula V. Battle and published in the Baltimore Times September 5, 2012:

Taking the Pulpit to Wall Street

Rev. Medgar L. Reid tapped by N.Y. Investment Banking Firm

The Rev. Medgar L. Reid was recently appointed as the Private Placement and New Projects Advisor for The Wall Street Organization, Inc.® (WSO), a private, New York-based boutique investment bank. Locally, Rev. Reid wears many hats, serving as a business consultant, motivational speaker, psychiatric wellness advocate, and Professional Trauma & Geriatric Chaplain. Rev. Reid is also the Pastor and Founder of Open Secret Community Church & Ministries, which he describes as a “church without walls”. The Church’s initial worship service will take place on Sunday November 11, 2012. With his new appointment, Rev. Reid is now stretching these walls all the way to Wall Street, and considers the post as a “divine appointment.” “I talked to the panel of advisors, who were mostly out of New York, California, Arizona and Tennessee, and provided them with my input as to what I could do, and what I would bring to the table spiritually. My whole philosophy is that Wall Street is run on greed and fear, as opposed to everyone can win.” He continued, “Currently, the economy is based upon fear. Fear is a spirit. God did not give us a spirit of fear, but love and a sound mind. If we let go of the fear, the economy will turn around. I won them over with my spiritual philosophy.”

After notification of the appointment in June, Rev. Reid traveled to Arizona and New York where he spent nearly a week training for the position. He will be commuting every Friday from Baltimore to a Wall Street office in New York to carry out his new responsibilities. “I was delighted to hear I received the appointment, but also a little surprised,” recalled Rev. Reid. “Most of the Board members have professional backgrounds in Economics. However, times are changing. We need leadership that is empathetic and sympathetic. Everyone wins when there is more of a holistic approach. Right now, society must deal with fast-paced, money-driven, bottom line people. However, I am very slow and spiritual.” Citing John 4:24, Rev. Reid added, “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth. When we emphasize spiritual principles, it becomes a win-win for everybody.” Rev. Reid said his work experience also includes serving as a fugitive recovery special agent and private investigator. He said this experience stressed the need for a business world where confidence, respect, and moral and ethical trust are common practices. “In my role, I will be seeking out appropriate candidates in search of Private Placement funding,” he said. I will serve as a conduit to online business development solutions that profile individuals who represent $12.3 trillion of the world’s net wealth. My hope would be that people would be realigned to see creation and The Creator in a different way. My function and role is to bring valuable input, and to make a positive impact on a spiritual level. It’s a great honor and privilege to serve in this position.”

WSO is a state of the art investment banking and capital formation firm that utilizes proprietary technology that assists companies that are interested in exploring various types of security offerings. The firm seeks to work towards results-oriented goals that are based upon their clients’ unique business circumstances. Stephen M. Cole is the CEO and Founder of The Wall Street Organization, Inc. “Reverend Reid is a rare find of one who is a practical visionary filled with intuitive understanding combined with the ability to develop upscale solutions and make win-win-win choices through collaborative thinking,” said Cole. “We are delighted to have him onboard WSO.” The 47-year-old Reid is a native of Baltimore and served in the Marine Corps. He graduated from Excelsior College in New York, and holds a Master’s Degree in Systemic Theology from St. Mary’s College. He is the son of the Rev. Dr. Edgar L. Reid, who served as Pastor of Gospel Tabernacle Baptist Church on Walbrook Avenue from 1965 until 1990. Rev. Reid feels his experience as an On-Call Staff Chaplain for The University of Maryland Medical System/Shock Trauma Center and Director of Spiritual Care Services at a historic Multi-Care Center, will also be a valuable asset to his new position. “I think this is a natural progression of what I have always been doing,” said Rev. Reid. “As an On-Call Chaplain, I have helped many people change their lives around. I believe I can transfer that experience over to WSO, and also help business owners in the process.” Rev. Reid, who is named after the late Civil Rights activist Medgar Evers and is a strong advocate for voting and Veterans rights for the NAACP added, “My calling is to make a difference. I am called to help people in crisis situations and to see things in a different way . I am just a conduit for God to work. The same thing could be done to turn around the economy.”
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