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Now you can get The Wall Street Organization, Inc. (WSO) to assist you for presenting your idea to the Top Sharks in the investment world. In fact, WSO can get you in front of a school of over 1,500 FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Broker/Dealers. This shark tank consists of more than 100,000 securities licensed FINRA Registered Representatives who are constantly searching for projects like yours that they can sink their teeth into and grab hold of rewarding and profitable investment opportunities.

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Founded in 1997, THE WALL STREET ORGANIZATION, INC.®, (WSO) has an impressive track record of providing clients with the financial consulting services they need. Our services include but are not limited to Capital Formation, Financial Advertising, Merger's and Acquisitions, and Financial Instruments. We are equipped to assist companies in a wide range of industries with a wide range of funding requirements. Contact us to find out how we can  serve your business today!

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The Wall Street Organization, Inc.®, (WSO) has been retained to coordinate the formation of the MAG 7 REIT, a $100 Million Real Estate Investment Trust. Government budget shortfalls have created an opportunity in the government sale lease-back real estate, and the housing crisis in the USA has created a demand for rental housing. The core opportunity lies in procuring government properties and meeting the increased demand for rental housing.

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Financial Advertising

Financial Advertising


The Wall Street Organization, Inc.® Marketing Directors, Judy Gordon and Patrick Flaherty, have a substantial portfolio of investment and marketing materials for broker dealers and independent entities to raise investment capital through various financial vehicles including not limited to; Private Placements, Limited and General Partnerships, Venture Capital, Equity Capital and Business Plans.



They bring to the table a curriculum of experience that encompasses marketing development for a broad spectrum of commercial enterprise, that includes but is not limited to; domestic oil and gas, renewable energy programs, assisted living facilities, commercial and residential real estate, gold, silver and precious metals, commodities, restaurants, adult retirement communities, SEO optimization software, Internet technology and children’s fiscal educational programs. These projects encompass graphic design, copywriting, logo and corporate/product identity, market research, web content, business proposal, fundraising development, powerpoint presentations, and investor relations updates, communiques and newsletters. Through our strategic relationships with compliance experts the WSO also offer our clients a comprehensive range of compliance and due diligence services. 

Outlined below is a general description of the marketing and legal services that the WSO offers our clients:


1. Development of all investor related materials including but not limited to: investor brochures, Q&A pamphlets, white papers etc.
2. Creation of a Corporate Identity.We create the name for the investment, the management company and we often rename the product or service they are selling and establish a brand and branding strategy for their marketplace.
3. Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Logo Design.
4. All corporate communiques and investor materials.
5. Powerpoint investor presentations
6. Institutional investor presentations
7. Web development in accordance with securities regulations/preparing materials for “vault”



1. PPM Development
2. Business Plan Development
3. Broker Dealer set up from onset
4. Financing documents
5. Blue sky filings
6. Bridge financing documentation
7. Loan documentation
8. Series LLC formation
9. Broker licensing

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