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Jim Krisvoy, Motion Picture 3D Advisor

Jim Krisvoy began his work in the Motion Picture 3D industry in 1969 when he evaluated the single lens Video West system for use on a race car film. In 1975, while on the "Midnight Special" production staff he suggested and researched the use of 3D for a proposed Elton John Midnight Special segment with glasses to be supplied via grocery stores and other determined outlets. He also researched the possibility of using the Video West system vs. the Pulfricht Method.

Mr. Krisvoy worked at Astralvision Communications beginning in 1979 per the recommendation of EMI-Spacevision. Spacevision needed a "watchdog" to monitor screenings of its system at The Beverly Hills Screening Room, which Astralvison managed. During that period, he marketed another35mm 3D production/projection system, Stereovision, for use on first widerelease using over/under 35mm of "Comin' at Ya!" to Filmways Pictures (later Orion Pictures). Mr. Krisvoy also marketed 3D Video anaglypgh system to MGM for use on a Select-TV PPV broadcast of "Kiss Me Kate" which was the first full color broadcast anaglyph. He then developed large format 3D disposable glasses for potential TV and feature film markets known as Astralvision 3D glasses. Also Mr. Krisvoy marketed the 3D mirror box system for use on "Amityville 3D" (Orion). During this time period he constantly evaluated various3D camera systems, acted as press spokesperson for Astralvision 3D, and contacted KTLA-TV for use of the anaglyph 2 - night 3D broadcast which he turned over to Astralvision 3D marketing reps.

In 1991, while selling post production services at the MTC Production Center, Marina del Rey, Ca., Jim Krisvoy produced and supervised 3D conversions to field sequential 3D video format of a 3D demo with the 3D suppler Magic Box Entertainment (later known as Stereomedia). He then joined Joined Stereomedia marketing company's 3D video services in 1994 where he evaluated MPEG-2 as a delivery format for field sequential DVD and proved it worked He also tested and evaluated several 3D head mounted displays.

In 2002, while with Piranha Post, Mr. Krisvoy set up and supervised the post production HD edit of a HD-3D demo using the first Avid DS HD desktop editing system. In 2005, he evaluated and recommended use of 35mm over/under projection systems for use on James Cameron's "Ghost of the Abyss" feature. Jim Krisvoy is now an Associate with Intrepid Communications where he does 3D market forecasts on a continuing basis per autostereoscopic technology. He has also build an entertainment potential end user contact list which is under continued development.

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