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chessThe Wall Street Organization, Inc.® is a full service financial packaging and capital formation firm that assists companies interested in exploring various types of securities offerings and corporate issuers seeking alternative capital formation avenues. With financial guidance, creative solutions, restructuring or capitalization planning, the WSO can help you meet your funding goals. The WSO can guide you through every step of the process, from identifying the proper structure for you transaction, preparing a strategic business plan and supporting documentation, to sponsoring your finalized presentation to a variety of funding sources. The investment banking services provided by The Wall Street Organization, Inc.® include:

Financial Consulting - Guidance to identify the most appropriate type of transaction to meet your unique funding requirements and develop a strategy to meet your funding goals.

Financial Instruments - The WSO has  direct access to established national and international finance companies specializing in Financial Instruments, Credit Programs, and Financing.

Investor Relations - Coordination of corporate communications with both current and potential investors including News Letters, Press Releases, and Quarterly and Annual Reports.

Marketing Services - Graphic design and layout of presentation materials, websites, and advertisements.

Mergers & Acquisitions - The WSO's experienced staff can guide you through complex process of identifying an M&A candidate and completing a Merger or Acquisition.

Offshore Regulation S Private Placements - A Private Placement Offering which is exempt from SEC registration but limited to Non-US CitizenAccredited Investors.

Strategic Business Plans - The WSO has 16 years of experience in helping small business owners develop detailed, professional strategic business plans to guide their companies to success.

Onshore Regulation D Private Placements - A Private Placement Offering which is exempt from SEC registration but limited to Accredited Investors. There are three types of Regulation D PPM - Rule 504, Rule 505 and Rule 506.



WSO Process Checklist

The Wall Street Organization, Inc.®employs a proven process in financial consulting and capital formation for companies. This Process is composed of these key components.

  • Engagement Letter with The Wall Street Organization, Inc.® Our engagement commences with a ground-up early stage analysis of your overall business operations.
  • Comprehensive Analysis (Due Diligence) The WSO client will be required to supply financial statements, information on their company, management team, company structure, legal matters and other pertinent data including financial projections and revenue models. This overall analysis determines the most appropriate finance and marketing courses of action for their company.Rearranging and tidying up corporate affairs including corporate structure and governance, management and image issues.
  • Corporate Clean-up and Strategic Planning Rearranging and tidying up corporate affairs including corporate structure and governance, management and image issues.
  • Terms of the Offering We develop along with our independent professional consultants, Terms of the Offering, how much of the client’s company should be sold to raise the required amount of capital and the proposed price per share. Document Preparation Co-ordinate with our professional independent consultants, the preparation of a concise Executive Summary, Offering Memorandum (includes Business Plan), Subscription Agreement, Offering literature, marketing materials and related documents.
  • Custom Website Construction and maintenance of the WSO client’s customized state-of-the-art website and search engine optimization.


Read more: WSO Process Checklist

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