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Black Rock Media, LLC - Marketing Consultants

THE WALL STREET ORGANIZATION, INC.®is pleased to announce that it has recently entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with  a private party to form BlackRock Media, LLC™. Blackrock Media™ will act as a parent company for a variety of web and print advertising endeavors.


Articles of Incorporation have been filed in the state of Arizona to form BlackRock Media™ as a Limited Liability Corporation and we will shortly be filing a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the name and slogan: BlackRock Media – “Purveyors of fine media” ™.



Initially BlackRock will launch with The NetCard™, expansion is then planned with the launch of Restaurant Tours and Medical Digest in Arizona.

Restaurant Tour® - Marketing for Restaurants

Restaurant Tour Interactive Marketing For the Restaurant Industry

Since 1994, Restaurant Tour® has developed several innovative products promoting restaurants in the Florida marketplace. It was the first magazine publishing company to launch Restaurant Tour Magazine a glossy 200 page fine dining guide in South Florida spanning Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties.


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Medical Digest - Directory of Healthcare Professionals

medical digest_of_healthcare_professionals


Medical Digest - For the Well Informed™ a preferred directory of Doctors, Hospitals and Allied Healthcare Professionals in the Tucson area. The directory will include medical and well ness information, editorials, listings and display advertising geared to all citizens....especially seniors. Distribution will be targeted to the pharmacy counters of Walgreens and CVS, insurance companies, and available through each advertiser on our own portable, lucite display racks with the MDUSA™ insignia.


Rock Royale - Rock 'n Roll History in Vampire Genre

Rock Royale - Rock and Roll History Vampire Style


The Majesty of Music and Immortality...from the mind of Grammy Award winning Artist and Author Jesse Cutler comes a Musical Motion Picture Event! The Wall Street Organization, Inc. and Jesse Cutler will serve as Co-Executive Producers for this Rock Fantasy. Mr. Cutler has written the screenplay for this musical tale set in the vampire genre and will also be scoring the original soundtrack! More details will follow soon on this exciting project. 


MAG 7 REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust

MAG 7 Real Estate Investment TrustThe MAG 7 Real Estate Investment Trust is exceptionally well-positioned to become an REIT which will identify and successfully execute government sale-leasebacks and multifamily home redevelopment projects.

The MAG 7 REIT is currently seeking new investment opportunities in the southwestern United States including existing value-added multifamily residential property development projects.

The MAG 7 REIT specializes in the following: 

  • Acquisition of government owned properties for sale-leasebacks.
  • Acquisition of existing income properties in which significant upside potential value exists following rehabilitation, market repositioning, redevelopment of existing uses, and/or mapping for development of alternative uses such as multifamily projects.



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Famous Pictures Company, LLC: “Out of Nowhere”

Out Of Nowhere - Famous Pictures Company, LLC is a California C Corporation formed for the purpose of producing the gritty neo-noir drama “Out of Nowhere”. The Company will coordinate the production of “Out of Nowhere” from funding the picture to principal photography to obtaining a US theatrical distribution for the finished film. The management includes President and CEO Stephen M. Cole, Creative Director – Stanley Sheff and Production Director – Steven Greene.


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