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Is Crowdfunding the Solution for Your Small Business?

Crowdfunding, raising money online through a large number of individuals, is the hot new buzz term in the often archaic world of finance. Numerous websites offering to connect entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking funding with eager hordes of individuals looking to invest have sprung up seemingly overnight. Some, such as Kickstarter are based on the donation with rewards model, as opposed to others such as AngelList which use the more traditional investment for equity model. Both have some advantages over more traditional fund raising strategies, but both also have disadvantages.

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Courting Chinese Capital Part II

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in US companies has fallen dramatically over the past several years due to the economic recession both in the United States and abroad. However one source of FDI has seen an increase – China. Private Chinese companies and individuals seeking high yield investment returns are looking to US companies in need of capital. It can be difficult for entrepreneurs to tap into this source of funding due to the cultural, regulatory and language barriers approaching Chinese investors presents, but there are a few key strategies which can ease the process.

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A New Years Resolution for Your Small Business

2013-new-yearThe New Year is traditionally a time of self-reflection and introspection which leads to new goals and resolutions towards positive change. The Wall Street Organization, Inc. believes that this should not only be true of individuals, but small businesses as well, through an annual review and overhaul of the Strategic Business Plan. In a perfect world every small business owner would have a formal, up to date business plan, frequently revised to best reflect their goals and the strategies they plan to employ to meet those goals. However in reality many small businesses have business plans which are out of date or don't have formal business plans at all.

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Courting Chinese Capital

With ongoing lengthy economic recessions in the United States and Europe, entrepreneurs and others seeking investment capital  have had to broaden their search for keen investors. The Wall Street Organization, Inc. believes that given this worldwide economic climate, China and Asia will be fertile sources for venture capital funding. However, though the investment capital in China and Asia is in abundance, this does not mean it is easy to come by. Those seeking investment overseas must still insure that they have the qualities necessary to be attractive to potential investors.

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How the Fiscal Cliff Will Effect Investment In Your Small Business

             On January 1, 2013 Federal taxes in the United States on investment income will increase, one way or another. As of this moment, it appears  Congress will fail to reach a budget agreement and we will be poised to go over the “Fiscal Cliff”. The term “Fiscal Cliff” refers to the abrupt, and economically disruptive, measures which will take effect if no budget is passed. These include a 5% to 10% bump to capital gains taxes and an even more drastic raise in the dividend tax rate. Even if an agreement is reached on New Years Eve, it is almost a certainty that capital gains and dividend tax rates will go up and this will have a negative impact on small businesses seeking investment capital.

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